Many senior citizens rely on medication to stay happy and healthy. Unfortunately, some seniors also have trouble remembering to take their medication at the correct times, potentially jeopardizing their health. If you have an elderly loved one who you're worried about, consider hiring an in-home care expert to help manage your loved one's medication. Medication management can help your loved one avoid major complications that could result in trips to the emergency room.

Medication Management Tips

As medications stack up, it can be difficult to keep track of which pills to take and how often to take them. Here are a few basic tips that will help your loved one manage his or her medications.

  • Organize Medication by Day: Weekly medication organizers are very helpful for senior citizens who take a lot of pills. Instead of opening multiple bottles several times a day, your loved one can simply take the pills in the corresponding compartment.
  • Use Reminders: Some pills need to be taken multiple times per day. For help remembering which pills your loved one needs and when, it's a good idea to set a timer or use another type of reminder.
  • Ask Questions: Most people have difficulty understanding precisely what their medications do. Asking questions about your loved one's medications can help increase your understanding and prevent harmful mistakes.

Medication Considerations

Medication management often involves more than simply taking pills. For the sake of your loved one's health, you might have a medication management expert help with the following considerations.

  • Administration: Some medications need to be injected or are otherwise more difficult to administer than oral medicine. A qualified medical professional can ensure that your loved one receives his or her medicine no matter how complicated administration may be.
  • Obtaining Refills: Many senior citizens have trouble remembering to refill their prescriptions, or are unable to obtain their medication from the pharmacy. An in-home care specialist can help with refills and other matters.
  • Identifying Mistakes: Pharmacy mistakes are rare, but they happen. Having a nurse on hand is important for ensuring that your loved one receives the right amount of the right medication.

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