Serving Wisconsin with Trustworthy Guardianship Services

ANS Guardianship Services, Inc. is a registered 501c3 in the State of Wisconsin offering a positive support system that avoids the pitfalls that can put the health and welfare of individuals at risk.

Since its inception in 2014, ANS’ Guardianship Services has been providing person-centered support to people who are aging or have a disability that impairs their ability to make informed decisions. ANS acts as the guardian of the person, and estate, to provide personalized decision making regarding a person's quality of life, health care, finances and other life matters.

Many of the individuals we serve are at risk for abuse and neglect. Many of our Wards are without family, friends or caregivers to assist them with their decision making and fulfilling their most basic needs and activities of daily living. Guardianship Representatives act as their advocate, and legal guardian, who provides meaningful and appropriate substitute decision making for individuals at risk in our community.

What positions our guardianship services above the rest, is ANS’ diverse staff and their extensive expertise. Our knowledgeable staff members have the community resources available to undertake complex situations and circumstances.

For more information about our Guardianship Services, please contact:

Program Manager
Vicki Hastings

Our Promise

At ANS our belief is to involve the individuals we serve in their care planning process, to ensure that their needs and expectations are met. We also recognize that every individual is unique. At ANS, we are committed  to serving all of our Wards with dignity, compassion and kindness. 

Our Experience

ANS Guardianship Services are proud members of the National Guardianship Association and the Wisconsin Guardianship Associations.