Home Health Aides

Keeping People Safe and Comfortable in their own Homes

Home Health Aides and Personal Care Workers help people who are elderly, disabled, ill, and/or mentally disabled to live in their own homes or in residential care facilities instead of in health facilities or institutions. Most personal care workers and home care aides work with elderly or physically or mentally disabled clients who need more extensive and personal home care than family or friends can provide.
Aides provide hands-on care and perform routine tasks under the supervision of nursing and medical staff. Specific tasks vary, with aides handling many aspects of a patient’s care. Aides also may help clients eat, bathe, dress, and groom. They can additionally help provide care to clients by helping them get into and out of bed and walk, toileting or providing skin care. They often are responsible for taking a patient’s temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, or blood pressure. Aides also observe patients’ physical, mental and emotional conditions and report any change to the nursing or medical staff.
Homemakers provide housekeeping no hands-on care they clean clients’ houses, do laundry, and change bed linens. They may plan meals (including special diets), shop for food and cook. Some accompany clients to doctors’ appointments or on other errands.
Our team at ANS Home Health Services serves clients throughout Milwaukee, Racine and Southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more about our aide services, call us at 414.481.9800.